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Bird Species List


Animal Genetics has the world's largest database of avian DNA samples, with over 2000 different species of birds from around the world.

Category: Tinamou

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Slaty-breasted TinamouCrypturellus boucardi boucardi
Thicket TinamouCrypturellus cinnamomeu
Small-billed TinamouCrypturellus parvirostris
Little TinamouCrypturellus soui
Tataupa TinamouCrypturellus tataupa
Undulated TinamouCrypturellus undulatus
Elegant-crested TinamouEudromia elegans
Crested TinamouEudromia elegans
Tawny-breasted TinamouNothocercus julius
Hooded TinamouNothocercus nigrocapillus
Andean TinamouNothoprocta pentlandii
Chilean TinamouNothoprocta perdicaria perdicaria
Red-winged TinamouRhynchotus rufescens
Great TinamouTinamus major