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Bird Species List


Animal Genetics has the world's largest database of avian DNA samples, with over 2000 different species of birds from around the world.

Category: Conure-Pyrrhura

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Pyrrhura ConurePyrrhura
White-breasted ConurePyrrhura albipectus
Brown-backed ConurePyrrhura calliptera
Brown-breasted ConurePyrrhura calliptera
Flame-winged ConurePyrrhura calliptera
Blue-throated ConurePyrrhura cruentata
Ochre-marked ConurePyrrhura cruentata
Blaze-winged ConurePyrrhura devillei
Fiery-shouldered ConurePyrrhura egregia
Demerara ConurePyrrhura egregia egregia
Maroon-bellied ConurePyrrhura frontalis frontalis
Grey-breasted ConurePyrrhura griseipectus
Blood-eared ConurePyrrhura hoematotis
Red-eared ConurePyrrhura hoematotis
Chiriqui ConurePyrrhura hoffmani gaudens
Hoffmann's ConurePyrrhura hoffmanni
Sulphur-winged ConurePyrrhura hoffmanni
Pearly ConurePyrrhura lepida
Monagas White-eared ConurePyrrhura leucotis auricularis
Emma's ConurePyrrhura leucotis emma
Brazilian Grey-breasted ConurePyrrhura leucotis griseipectus
White-eared ConurePyrrhura leucotis leucotis
Black-tailed ConurePyrrhura melanura
Berlepsch's ConurePyrrhura melanura berlepschi
Magdalena ConurePyrrhura melanura chapmani
Maroon-tailed ConurePyrrhura melanura melanura
El Oro ConurePyrrhura melanura orcesi
Pacific Black-tailed ConurePyrrhura melanura pacifica
Souancé's ConurePyrrhura melanura souancei
Argentina ConurePyrrhura molinae australis
Yellow-sided ConurePyrrhura molinae hypoxantha
Green-cheeked ConurePyrrhura molinae molinae
Yellow-sided/Green-cheeked ConurePyrrhura molinae molinae/hypoxantha
Santa Cruz ConurePyrrhura molinae restricta
Crimson-bellied ConurePyrrhura perlata
Neumann's Pearly ConurePyrrhura perlata anerythra
Miritiba Pearly ConurePyrrhura perlata coerulescens
Pearly ConurePyrrhura perlata lepida
Pfrimer's ConurePyrrhura pfrimeri
Pfrimer's ParakeetPyrrhura pfrimeri
Blue-winged ConurePyrrhura picta
Maroon-faced ConurePyrrhura picta leucotis
Painted ConurePyrrhura picta picta
Rose-headed ConurePyrrhura picta roseifrons
Rose-fronted ConurePyrrhura picta roseifrons
Roseifrons ConurePyrrhura picta roseifrons
Rose-crowned ConurePyrrhura rhodocephala
Rock ConurePyrrhura rupicola
Black-capped ConurePyrrhura rupicola rupicola
Sandia ConurePyrrhura rupicola sandiae
Santa Marta ConurePyrrhura viridicata